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Professionalism of the chauffeurs is of paramount importance to us at JS.

We have a strict selection and employment policy for our chauffeurs as we believe the chauffeur’s appearance, personality, professionalism and knowledge go hand in hand with an impeccable vehicle.

Our Chauffeurs work alongside some of the finest JS hotels of the world which ultimately creates a true understanding of levels of service required in our industry.

Adhering to correct Etiquette, being friendlily but never intrusive and always trying to anticipate your needs is where our chauffeurs excel. Below is a summary of what we expect from our chauffeurs. Before commencing employment our chauffeurs sign a legal service level agreement to adhere to our strict criteria.


Our Chauffeurs dress in a dark suit, tie, white or blue shirt and black shoes. We insist that no other jewellery be worn other than watches, wedding rings and cufflinks.

Confidentiality Agreement

A vital part of our agreement with our chauffeurs is the need for total confidentiality and discretion of the client. We insist they may not divulge or discuss any information they have become party to during the transportation of a client. We constantly remind them about the legal implications should this be contravened.

Driving Standards

Our chauffeurs must at all times follow the speed limit and must always adhere to traffic laws at all times. Our clients must always have a smooth ride without discernable acceleration or deceleration as they may be trying to work or sleep.

Route Knowledge

Before employment all chauffeurs have to go through a test of, arterial routes, all major airports and terminal layout, locations of major hotels, restaurants and other points of interests around Oxford and London.